12 Days of Harry Potter Socks: Day One

12 Days of Harry Potter Socks

As the 12 Days of YA ends, the 12 Days of Harry Potter Socks begins. When I read there was going to be Harry Potter sock boxes, I knew I was going to find one! I searched and searched and was able to buy the LAST 12 days of Harry Potter Socks box from my local Target. There was also a similar box offered at Hot Topic and a few other online websites. The box I picked up was $15.99, not an awful price for a box of Harry Potter themed socks. This series of posts goes against what I said about not talking about Harry Potter often, but this is a hot item I had to share.


SO the 12 days leading up to Christmas will feature a Harry Potter themed sock. If you were unable to get your hands on a sock box from a fandom of your choosing, fret no longer and enjoy the 12 Days of Harry Potter Socks featured here. Happy Holidays~~~


Day   One.png



PS I was also hunting for the Game of Thrones 12 Days of Socks box but was unable to find one not damaged in stores. If any of you have that box, I’d love to see what socks you get!



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