Game of Thrones Sock Box

As you know, I have been on the hunt for sock boxes. I was able to find the Harry Potter 12 Days of Socks and went on to show you guys all 12 socks daily.

Since then, I found two more sock boxes I was hoping to find. One of them was The 90s Cartoon Sock Box, which was a gift. I was so excited I ripped the box to shreds before taking pictures. The second gem I found was The Game of Thrones 12 Days of Socks I was able to have some self-control and snap a few photos to share with my fellow bookish sock lovers. 

The front of the box, It was a perfect representation of the series.

The back side of the front cover-it had trivia questions; I was too excited to rip through the box to care about this detail.

The 12 day count of sock pockets. The houses did not represent what the design of the sock was.

I was disappointed in the socks in this box. I knew that the box would be filled with house swag or it would be diverse selection of everything other than the houses. I was hoping for a pair of dragon eggs/scale socks, “I drink and know things” quote, the three-eyed raven, crowns….sadly as you can tell those designs were not featured in this box.

I know I can buy those individually, but I wanted them to be in the box. As a reader, this was disappointing. As a viewer, the box is satisfactory.

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