National Reading Month

March is!

March is National Reading Month, the goal is to encourage young readers to develop a habit of reading for 15 minutes a day. Reading for 15 minutes a day is a great goal for all readers.

National Reading Month is typically celebrated in classrooms across the United States, you may also know March as the Dr. Suess month. There are tons of printable reading calendars and activities online geared toward younger readers, all with the intention to get younger readers interested in reading.

In celebration of National Reading Month and Dr. Suess’s birthday, which was March 2, here are my favorite Dr. Seuss books.

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I know not everyone likes to stick with the classics, like Dr. Seuss, so here are a few book lists to get younger readers reading.

  • If you are interested in girl power/women’s history children books check out Mighty Girls.
  • If you are interested in books geared towards boys, check out the list called “Books for Boys.”
  • If you are interested in children’s books that go against gender stereotypes, check out this list of 37 books.
  • If you are interested in children’s books about diversity and celebrating differences you most defiantly need to scroll down Bookriot’s list of 30 books!












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