Lit Lemon Books Blogiversary Celebration!

Another year has come to pass, which means it is time to celebrate! This year I am featuring fellow bookish bloggers, and this is something I hope to continue for the rest of the year!

Five Years of Blogging!

When I started blogging, I felt like I would never get a foundation going. I was lost but excited. Like most bloggers, with planning, everything started to come together. Blogging takes a lot of work, passion, and editing. This year, I want to take time to celebrate my fellow book bloggers who continue to inspire me to keep creating and reviewing.

Throughout July, you can look forward to my regular monthly wrap-ups that break down my library reading journey, mid-year reviews, book blogger features, and reviews.

Flashback of Firsts

Eeek flashback to the beginning of Lit Lemon Books.


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