Mid-Year Review: How Much I “Spent” on Books

In 2021 I spent $335 on books. I broke down my monthly book spending in a post called Wrapping Up the Year: $335 in Books. It was an eye-opening experience to go month by month to look at my ebook purchases. This was a driving factor in my reading challenge for 2022 A Year Without Books, a goal to read only from my local libraries. So far I have read 32 books. Instead of doing a normal mid-year check-in, I thought it would be interesting to break down the cost of the books I have read this year.

To calculate my mid-year “total,” I went to Amazon and looked up each title’s ebook price. Most titles appeared to be on “sale” around the time I was gathering the prices, these prices might fluctuate later in the year.

Ebook Price List

Bringing the grand total to $327.67.

I am definitely getting the most out of my library cards! All of this reading was free! I cannot stress the importance of a library card when it comes to reading for free.

When shopping for ebooks I typically only buy from the Kindle Deal section or wait for an ebook credit from amazon. Looking at the prices of these titles, I would have only purchased the books under $6. I cannot rationalize spending more than that on an ebook—UNLESS it is a new release from a favorite author.

As an Amazon Associate, I may make a small commission of links in this post.


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