Thankful Thursday: Margaret Samora

Last week I interviewed teacher and author Jane Morris, this week I am featuring an indie author passionate about body positivity.

In April, Margaret Samora released a children’s book called All Bodies are Good Bodies: A Children’s Book About Body Positivity.


All bodies are good bodies. Even as children, we see TV, we hear our peers, and we listen to our parents. Sometimes we hear people speaking negatively about their bodies. We start to learn at a very young age that we have to look a certain way. However, that doesn’t need to be the case. This book allows parents to explore body positivity with their children!

My Thoughts:

Samora’s book is cute and informative for young beginning readers. All Bodies are Good Bodies is the perfect addition to your little reader’s growing library. All Bodies are Good Bodies starts the conversation about celebrating your body without comparing yourself to others. I know this is a growing genre within children’s lit, but All Bodies are Good Bodies is a great starting piece. It is simple to follow with cute pictures, keeping the youngest readers engaged. All Bodies are Good Bodies features an affirmation on the back of the book, which is one of my personal favorite things. I enjoy an inspiriting daily/monthly affirmation.

Margaret Samora is not only an author, but also the owner to a body positive boutique called Mountain Rose & Co. Mountain Rose & Co carries sizes XS-3XL in clothes that not only flatter but empower. I cannot stress enough how passionate Samora is about body positivity. I love seeing her messages on my timeline and supporting her small business. Mountain Rose & Co is quickly becoming one of my favorite online boutiques to shop with. Beyond trying to spread body happiness across the internet, she often offers style tips and outfit ideas.

It doesn’t matter where you are looking at Samora’s content, she is working to normalize and celebrate all body types. I think this is groundbreaking work that should be celebrated. Women, and people as a whole, battle body image issues almost daily. I enjoy the positive message Samora is spreading through the interweb, more so her efforts to expose young readers to this mindset. I hope to see more from her in the literary world, until then, check out her boutique!

You can find Samora on Tiktok (@margarretsamora) and on instagram ( where she is the most active.

Keep an eye out for next week, I have a feeling YA/NA lovers are going to relate. We dive back into the fantasy world I love so dearly.

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